Waste disposal and recycling in North West London

As an industry leader we work to ensure we recover as much waste as possible at our recycling facility in Park Royal. Everything is sorted and segregated to enable us to achieve the maximum amount of onward recycling.

What we do with your waste

Wood (17 02 01)
Your wood is taken to Gowing & Pursey’s facility at Twyford Abbey Road, NW10, where it is double shredded to produce a high quality chip that is used for a number of purposes including biomass, chipboard manufacture and simple heating fuel.

Hardcore (17 01 07)
 Material is separated via a tromeling and screening process and is predominately used for temporary road construction purposes. It is also at times supplied to private customers where is it used as an excellent base for driveways and patios.

Soils (17 05 04)
Soils are screened and then used for various land restoration projects.

Metals (17 04 07)
Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are sorted at Gowing & Pursey’s waste treatment facility for onward distribution to metal processors.

Plastics (17 02 03)
Sheet / film plastic and rigid plastic are separated, baled and then distributed. Depending on the grade of plastic they can be reused in the bottle manufacturing process to the textiles industry.

Paper and cardboard (20 01 01)
Paper and cardboard is removed from the waste stream via our picking stations and is then transported directly to local paper recycling companies.

Plasterboard (17 08 02)
Plasterboard is picked from the waste stream and transported to a local plasterboard recycling company.

Green waste (20 02 01)
Green waste is taken to a local composting facility.

Textiles (20 01 11)
Textiles are taken to a textile recycling facility, where they are segregated and recycled.

At our facility at Twyford Abbey Road, all mixed construction waste is segregated into the above categories then recycled as detailed.

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